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Ideally, it can be referred to as a multi-residence housing facility intended for the elderly. It could also be termed as a retirement home.

As the word itself suggests, the elderly who needs help in doing his / her daily chores like walking, taking bath, going the bathroom, feeding, combing their hair/ basic grooming, changing clothes.

At Anamay, we have round the clock trained Patient Care Attendants –PCA, who are well experienced in handling the patients. They are given special training in etiquettes and mannerism as well. They are also trained in Basic life support which helps in saving lives in case of cardiac arrest. To support all this there is round the clock nursing backed by doctor’s advice.

What is the monthly rental for elderly residential at ANAMAY ELDER HOMES?

  • There are two types of accommodation Semi Private & Private rooms.
  • Semi Private Room starts from Rs. 30,000/-.
  • One month refundable deposit. The deposit is for emergency admission in the hospital if required after the consent of the relatives.
  • At the time of admission Rs. 3000/- is charged as one time admission fees.
  • Rs. 2000/- extra if the food preferences are non –veg.
  • Inclusion: Room Rent, Food as per the dietician , Doctors round alternate days(or as needed) , Nursing round daily twice, Physiotherapist weekly once , Counseling , Yoga & stretching, TV recharges, Laundry & Day to Day Housekeeping.
  •  Exclusion: Medicines, Diapers, Pathological & Radiological Tests, Regular Physiotherapy sessions, Ambulance services, Visit to specialist Doctors, Driver & Car, Any other material which is ordered by the elderly as per his / her needs.
  • The day starts with Tea/coffee served in the room at 7:30- 8 am
  • Then they take a bath or are given a bath /Sponging if patient is bedridden.
  • Breakfast is servedat around 8:30-9:30 am
  • Nursing round – BP,SPO2, general physical checkup
  • The elderly are taken for a stroll, and position is changed for the bedridden patients or they are made to sit in the chair.
  • Some spend their time reading the paper, playing cards/ Carrom & other board games.
  • Lunch is served at 12:30- 1pm, after which the medicine round is done.
  • They rest for some time or watch TV, read paper.
  • At around 4pm tea/ coffee is served.
  • Most of the elderly come out for a stroll and some engage in small talk with other elderly residents.
  • Around 6 pm a fruit or juice/Smoothies / snacks/ Coconut water is served .
  • Nursing round 2– BP,SPO2, general physical checkup 6:30pm Ganapati Arti is done with all the elderly.
  • After that they watch TV if they like and 8-8:30 pm all have dinner.
    • The schedule is altered as per the mood of the Elderly .This is the basic routine , Physio, yoga and stretches are done on the dedicated days.

    Yes we do have day care facility.The charges for the same are Rs. 1000/- which includes BF, Lunch, Dinner, fruit and tea/ coffee. Pick up drop services are available which are charged asactuals.

    The elderly are our first priority and their care and comfort is seen when relatives are visiting them. A prior intimation is required before visiting. Due to the pandemic, atmost care and protocols are followed at Anamay Elder Homes. The visiting hours are restricted in the morning between 10:30am to 11:45 am evening 5pm- 6:30 pm throughout the week. We also strictly recommend permission from the immediate guardian of the patient for visits by other relatives or friends.

    We are well equipped at Anamay to handle emergencies. We have oxygen cylinders, ECG monitor and even bipap machine with a trained nursing and PCA staff. Our doctors are available at the time of emergencies. Our resident Dr calls the relative and informs the condition of the patient to the relative after which the decision lies with the patient’s relative to shift the patient to hospital. Anamay has tie ups with nearby multispecialty hospitals and also has a tie with the Ambulance providers. The relatives are also asked for choice of hospital and also consent from the relative is taken at the time of admission.

    The attendant is given depending on the patients dependability. Other than that a common attendant is available to do chores like bedding, bathing getting them to the table for eating and also general housekeeping. Apart from this, if the patient requires 24 hrs attendant that will be charged extra .

    Difference between Anamay Prathmesh Park Baner and Anamay Pan Card Club Road Baner.

    Anamay Prathmesh Park caters to patients who need Assistance and are bedridden, post-operative , Dementia &Alzheimer Patients.

    Anamay Pancard Club Road Baner is more of Active ageing and is for Senior Citizen who are capable of doing their own things independently.